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I love Back to School time. 20 cent spiral notebooks.  Pens that are practically free. Composition books to decorate with pretty paper. A fresh start. The excitement of a whole new school year ahead. (I even felt that way when I was IN school.)

Following are some tips that might help you on school days.

Some school day tips I've learned (some the hard way!):

  • Include some protein in breakfast, not just a bowl of cereal or a waffle. (Cereal or waffles without a protein food will cause a mid-morning crash.)  
  • Keep books and school supplies in assigned places for each student . Sounds very commonsensical, but those books seem to land all over the house if you're not careful.   My daughter keeps one of those wire storage cubes in the bottom of her closet, dedicated to her school books.  (By the way, commonsensical is really a word. But you probably already knew that.  I thought I made it up...)
  • Establish routines early on.
  • If you are homeschooling (even if you are an "unschooler"), have some form of structure in your days. Kids feel more secure, happy, and productive if they know what to expect than if you are always "flying by the seat of your pants." (By the way, do you know where that term came from?  In the early days of aviation, pilots didn't have electronic instruments and had to fly by the feel of the plane's direction and movement in their seats. I just learned that today...) 
  • It's especially important that Math and Spelling are practiced daily.  
  • Foreign languages are most easily learned when begun in early childhood.  You can find really fun foreign language CDs, music, and games.
  • Projects, creative presentations, posters, murals, learning "games," and anything else that helps your kids learn by DOING are VERY important.  (When I think about my own school days, the material I remember best was learned in those ways.)
  • For homeschooling, textbooks can be used as guides and inspiration, rather than as the sole curriculum for subjects. You can supplement with other materials and activities that are a good fit for your child.  For instance,  my daughter has always loved to read, and her grasp of history grew by reading historical fiction. Had we used the textbooks only, history would not have come alive as well or appealed as much to her. 
  • A final tip (related to the last one) and should go without saying---Make sure your kids are reading every day.  A LOT.   

      So back to school they go.  May we ALL have a wonderful school year.
Feel free to share your own back to school tips with us. 

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  1. I love your word. Commonsensical.

  2. Ha! I love that word too. I keep saying it now. (I really did think I made it up, but no!)

  3. Great tips!
    I need all the help I can get to get back in the swing of things :)

  4. We are choosing to homeschool & I CANNOT wait!! Well, yes I can. It will be hard...means they are growing up!!

  5. Great list! I totally agree that textbooks can be used as guides to learning. We do a lot of that here. I don't want them miss anything, but I also want to have fun learning! We often use the TB to map the requirements for the year, but we'll often supplement the material. :)

  6. Christina--Thanks! Best wishes for a great year.
    Mrs. T--Yes, they grow up SO fast.
    Adrienne--Thanks! Sounds a lot like the way we do things here. Love the flexibility of homeschooling!

  7. Yes agree that home schooling is flexible. We are a bit rigid here by the way we do things but yes to not have to be anywhere on a day to day basis is wonderful and if we are having a "bad day" we can just chill out for a while :) Good luck everyone!

  8. Thanks for visiting, Cassie! Yes, it took me quite some time to relax and enjoy the flexibility. Homeschooling is such a responsibility, but so worth it!

  9. Great tips!! It's definitely a savings getting things at the store right now. Good time to stock up for other things, too! My son started 10th grade yesterday...where has the time gone? #HomeMattersParty

  10. I like these tips. Like you I get excited over getting school supplies for next to nothing. My kids are ready for a new homeschool year. My son actually asked for some historical fiction books just yesterday, so he must have heard that tip somewhere else too.

  11. Great tips for Homeschoolers. Thank you for sharing with us. #HomeMattersParty

  12. Really great information! Thanks for sharing & co-hosting #HomeMattersParty

  13. I am all about routine, organization, and composition books! Love them all. Thanks for sharing and co-hosting at #HomeMattersParty :)

    Life With Lorelai

  14. Great tips and ideas. I especially love the tip about protein-you are so right! I am so in love with all the school supplies right now. #HomeMattersParty

  15. I haven't ever homeschooled, but I can tell these are great tips to keep organized and alert for learning. Happy to be cohosting the #HomeMattersParty with you this week!


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