Fun Learning: Songs!

As a homeschool family for many of my kids' school years, one of the best aspects of the journey was the flexibility to learn in ways that made learning fun, and even more importantly, made the learning stick. Songs are great for this. 

Have you ever noticed how songs seem to stay in your head? It works for learning anything. (Brain and memory research validates this, by the way!) One of the teachers my son had in a learning center class once told him, "You have a song for EVERYTHING!" So true! My kids learned many grammar rules with a CD in the car. We absolutely loved this CD.

Grammar Songs (You Never Forget What You Sing)

 (And if we ever forget the function of direct objects or need to know the correct form of an irregular verb, no worries---the song will
pop into our heads forever!

We had song CDs for several subjects, and I miss those days of singing in the car.

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