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Thursday Favorite Things (TFT) #462

I'm so glad you're here for another Thursday Favorite Things link party.  I hope you've had a healthy, productive week.

This week on the blog, I shared this Autumn Vignette Challenge.  It was fun to put together a fall vignette.  Mine came out a little more formal than is my usual, but it made me happy.

In the spirit of UNtraditional, my husband put his own vignette together, below. I have to say, I'm not hating it!   😄  I kind of love it. The creepy baby doll was my now 26 year old daughter's, and that doll has popped up around here frequently, thanks to my husband.  

My husband's family room "vignette."

Here are my features from last week's party:

Candy Corn Trail Mix from Nancy C

Sloppy Joes with Chicken Gumbo from My Recipe Treasures

PNW Garden Tour in October from Shiplap and Shells

Crocheted Twisted Ear Warmer from Eye Love Knots


On with the party!

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Autumn Vignette Challenge

I've been behind on my fall decorating this year.  (Do you remember, I was even too late to buy mums?  They were sold out everywhere I went, by the time I actually got started.)  

I did decide though, that I would  put a little bit of effort into my indoor fall decorating, so I decided to participate in my first ever challenge of this kind.  (I figured it would motivate me, and it did!)

I'm joining Katherine from Katherine's Corner and a few of her blog friends for her Autumn Home Vignette Challenge. The challenge- We were instructed to include at least one pumpkin in our vignette.

I decided to create my vignette on the hall tree. It's one of the first things that you see when coming in the front door, and I only occasionally switch it up.  The vignette I put together is much more of a traditional look than my more usual casual style!

Most of the items I used in my vignette were things I already had at home (other than the fall faux florals that were half-off at Michaels. There are some benefits to getting a late start, and one of them is discounted decor!)

Soup Recipes and TFT #461

Hi, and welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things link party!  I'm so glad you're here today.

Do you do much decorating for fall? I'm behind on my fall decorating, both inside and outside.  While I don't have nearly the amazing decor that so many of you achieve (I'm in awe), I do try to get some mums and pumpkins out every year. I went yesterday, in search of mums (too late)  and came up empty handed.  I was so sad about that the stores I went to were sold out of mums. I did get some pumpkins, though!

This week on the blog, I shared:  Some Thoughts About Blogging.   I've had this particular blog since 2011, and it's such a huge part of my life (as are my readers.)   I also shared a couple of guest posts about Ways to Sell Your Photography Prints  and Eliminating the Barriers to Entrepreneurship.

Be sure to stop by for the Autumn Home Vignette challenge that starts on Saturday.  It's the first time I've chosen to do one of these challenges, so I'm excited!

We had many soup recipes shared at last week's party.  I'm a big fan of soup in the fall and winter.  They are simple and cozy, so I've featured several today.

Here are my features from last week's party:

(If you decide to pin any of the features, please be sure to pin from the original blogs. But, I'd  love for you to pin this features collage!)

Ways to Sell Your Photography Prints

Most people begin taking photographs just because it’s something that interests them, but over time, their initial interest leads them to become something of an expert in their field. If you do anything for long enough, you’ll probably get good at it, and once you’re good, you can begin charging for it. That’s how it works!

Of course, there are many amateur photographers who aren’t interested in making money from their craft, but if you are, then remember that you have options. You can, for example, sell your prints to the public. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few useful tips that’ll help you to do just that. 

Print Them Well

You might have a stellar photograph on your hands, but keep in mind that the actual quality of the photograph is only half the battle. The other half is the printing of the photograph itself. If you want to sell prints of your photographs, then it’s important to find a high-quality printer that will do justice to them. Printers aren't all created equal. Try to avoid going for the cheapest option, unless you’ve read positive reviews.

Find a Local Market

There are a several places where you can sell your photography prints in the “real world,” or online. In the real world, markets and stores will be your best friend. Markets are important, because they help to boost your profile, and you can showcase your own photographs. Take a look at local markets (art and craft fairs, etc.) in your area, find the one that’ll best suit your needs, and book a spot. It’ll be best to have a mobile credit card processing machine so that people who aren’t carrying cash can still buy your prints. You’ll have good days and bad days at the market. The key thing is consistency. If you go there every month, you’ll slowly but surely find that you build sales.

Sell Online

The online world is an excellent place to sell your photographs. It’s worthwhile taking a look at all the seller websites, and seeing which one is right for your needs. Remember that if you are going to send your photographs in the mail, it’s important that you come up with a smart, attractive, and secure way to package your photos. 

Boost Your Profile

The greater the number of people who know about your photography business, the more sales you’ll have. As such, spend some time building your profile, both online and in the real world. Online, you should have a website and social media channels (particularly Instagram), but be sure to watermark your photographs so people can’t steal them. In the real world, one excellent way to boost your profile is to host an exhibition of your work. It can be something as grand as taking over a corner of the local library or offering your prints to a local restaurant, who will then hang them on their wall. It's an effective way to build a local profile.

I hope these tips help you find ways to market your photos!

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Thursday Favorite Things

Some Blogging Thoughts

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might know that I cover a variety of topics here. Which most lifestyle, craft, or mom bloggers tend to do, I suppose. My blog is really just a women's magazine, after all. And, truthfully, I think that is what I planned from the beginning. Periodically, I reassess my blog and think about its direction.  

I've been going back and reading some posts from my early days of this blog.  They make me feel sentimental and teary. 2011, the year I started this blog, wasn't really that long ago, but from a blogging perspective it seems so!

thoughts on blogging
This was one of my first blog buttons. That's our cute, blue house that we lived in for many years, until 2017.

When I read those older posts, it reminds me of a time when I was much less self conscious about what I was writing.  I was just writing, willy nilly, (am I the only one who says "willy nilly?") about what I had on my mind, what craft I was working on, or what I thought could be helpful to someone. Once people started to actually read my blog, I got a bit more nervous and constrained!

Eliminating the Barriers to Entrepreneurship

Working full time for a business, whether you are single, married, or have kids, can be very difficult. It can involve long hours, often punishing stress levels and, for all the hard work and endeavor, the possibility of disappointment when you check your bank balance. And that’s to say nothing of the barriers that have held women in the workplace back for generations. Is it any wonder why, in an age where so many of us are digitally empowered, that we should want more for ourselves?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Has the prospect of starting up your own business from home occurred to you more than once?

How to Tackle Those Unpleasant Jobs Around the Home

Home is your solace and safe place, where memories are made and where you can completely relax and enjoy life. 

Sadly, it's not always picture perfect, though. Maintaining your home can be a chore, with some jobs causing huge disruption and discomfort. My post, ‘The Wall Came Down,’  discussed a renovation we did at home and how it led to quite a bit of upheaval. 

Sometimes though, it's not the scale of the job that causes the most concern, but the nature of it!

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