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TFT #364

Welcome back to another Thursday Favorite Things!   I've been resting a little bit this week, following my daughter's wedding last Saturday.  It was a private ceremony, with just family, and it couldn't have been more beautiful!

Just two features today, as I'm a bit behind and still in wedding recovery mode. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us today.  Don't forget to link back to last week's party to see what you might have missed.

Please leave a comment with your link number, and remember to pin from the original source.

Here are my features from last week's party:

Although I haven't been making much time for it lately, I really love stamping crafts and card making. Here is a lovely fall card with embossed leaves from Paper Seedlings.  I agree, the leaves look qu "antique-y."

Fall Treats and Decor at Thursday Favorite Things #363

Welcome to another Thursday Favorite Things(TFT!)  I am only half here today, as my daughter is getting married this weekend, and that has me a little distracted... (And very excited!)

I'm glad you're here, and I'm looking forward to all that will be shared here.

Please leave a comment with your link number. Don't forget to click back to last week's party, to see what you might have missed.

Here are my features from last week:  

I love this beautiful fall garden pumpkin cake from My Recipe Treasures.  I'm not sure I can make it look this pretty, but I want to try.  I picked up some good cake decorating tips here too.

Thursday Favorite Things #362

Welcome back to another Thursday Favorite Things (TFT)  linkup!

I haven't been too creative myself this past week(s.) (The most creative thing I've done all week is have a caramel apple and cinnamon toast for breakfast this morning. In my defense, I usually have a couple of eggs and some fruit. But we all need to indulge ourselves occasionally. Plus, an apple is a fruit...)

Looking forward to your links!  Be sure to click back to last week's party, before you go, to see what you might have missed, and please leave a comment with your link number.

No theme to my features this week.  (Maybe I should challenge you to find a way to tie these features that I've chosen together? How about a craft party at the beach with chocolate cake and potato chips?  Read on...)

Here are my features: 

This beautiful flourless chocolate cake at Hello Lovely  has me so happy today. A gluten free beauty.  I am going to make this.

Mirror Projects, Free Fall Printables, and TFT #361

I'm so glad you're here for another TFT (Thursday Favorite Things) link party!   TFT is a great place
for bloggers to share their content and gain new readers. No blog, no problem!  TFT is for blog readers too.

This week, some fun mirror projects were shared, and I'm happy to feature them!

Don't forget to click back to last week's party before you go, to see what you might have missed.

Thursday Favorite Things #360

What a busy week I've had, and here we are at another Thursday Favorite Things!  How has your week gone?   I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share with us today at the link party!

I didn't choose a theme for my features again this week, but I enjoyed the variety of posts.  Be sure to leave a comment with your link number after you've posted, to increase your chances of being featured.

Here are my features from last week's party:

This candy corn taffy from Home Cooking Memories looks fun and tasty, and I've never seen it or heard of it before!  What a fun treat. I'm definitely going to try it!

Our Pets Through the Years and Tips for Choosing a Family Pet

When my daughter was little, she was always asking for a new pet.  Often, I gave in, and my excuse was, "Well, she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up."  Actually, though, I think I just wanted all the pets too.  If you're considering choosing a family pet, I have some experiences and tips to share. (More tips at the end!)

We got our first family pet when my daughter was only 18 months old and my son was 4 --  Lucy, a beautiful, sassy, Siamese kitten (who grew up to be a beautiful, sassy Siamese cat.)  In hindsight, I might have waited a little longer.

I had to be so vigilant when my daughter and Lucy kitten were in the same room. My daughter had a crazy sense of humor, even as a toddler. She'd pop out with, "Here kiddly, here kiddly, kick!"  Then she'd pretend to kick.  (I know this makes her sound like the meanest toddler ever. But she wasn't!  She was always a kind child, and she would never have really kicked the cat -- she just thought it was hilariously funny to imply it... From a cartoon??)

Lucy with her Super Scratcher (We had some cat scratched furniture until we got her a few of those.)
Tips for choosing a family pet ~ anartfulmom.com

Thursday Favorite Things #359

Happy Thursday once again, and thanks for being here at the TFT  link party. If you're new to the link-up, Thursday Favorite Things is a link party, created by Katherine, from Katherine's Corner, for blog writers and blog readers.  Join us every Thursday.

No theme to my features today, just fun and delicious things that I hope you'll enjoy.

I loved this  post from Create and Ponder that taught me how to "thrift the look." I need to "shop my house" more, along with the thrift stores. This was a fun post that gave me lots of ideas.

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