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Holiday Cookie Preview and TFT #415

Welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things link party!  I'm so happy you're here.

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a huge weakness for cookies.  So at Christmas time, when my kids were little, I would bake batch after batch of cookies.  Not a huge variety of cookies, mind you, but usually just a few kinds--Chocolate Chip and, my mom's signature Christmas cookie, Butterballs. (Butterballs are actually more well known as Italian Wedding Cookies I believe.)  Sometimes I would make some sugar cut-out cookies too, because the kids loved to decorate those. (Not my favorite to make, but fun to decorate!)

I've slowed down on the cookie baking the last few years, as I've tried to tone down my pudginess and have tried to dramatically reduce my sugar intake.  (Also, gluten free flour is really expensive!)

This picture is from the late 90's. Check out the huge, ugly Christmas sweater with the leggings! (But this is probably something I would still wear today! Well, maybe not quite that ugly of a Christmas sweater.)

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review: November 2019

I'm so happy today (on this gray, dreary SNOWY day--what the heck??)   to be sharing with all of you a review of the November essential oil recipe box from Simply Earth. (Plus a coupon code for $40 off a future purchase!  More about that at the end of the post!)

Simply Earth provided  the November box in return for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  My review contains affiliate links. Thanks!

Once again, I was like a little kid when my Simply Earth box arrived. (You can see my previous box review here.)  I only review products and companies that I genuinely love and appreciate, and Simply Earth has delighted me once again.

I was almost giddy when I was showing the box to my daughter. Before I had discovered Simply Earth, I had gifted her some oils that she had requested for her birthday.  When she saw the Simply Earth boxes, she was astonished at the value of them vs. the prices I had paid from another seller for the oils alone.

Fall Art and Craft Fun and TFT #414

Happy Thursday, and welcome to another Thursday Favorite Things link party!

My daughter and her husband celebrated their very first wedding anniversary this week.  A year, already?  I can't even imagine it's been a year.  They wanted a small wedding with just family. (No, they didn't get married, "under a tree" (long story),  but I think my daughter was happy anyway!) Aren't they the cutest?

Thursday Favorite Things #413

Welcome to our weekly Thursday Favorite Things (TFT) link party.  And, to those who celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a fun one!  I'm so proud of myself for waiting until yesterday to buy the candy for our trick-or-treaters. Usually I buy it too soon and eat too much of it so that I have to buy more!

Hope you have had a great week.  Sunny and I have had some nice, colorful walks in the neighborhood. She gets chilled much easier now and heads for the door faster than she used to.  (She'll be 14 on Saturday!)

Kidney failure?  What kidney failure?  Lively as a puppy, still.

TFT Party #412

I'm so glad you're here today for another Thursday Favorite Things, one of the best link parties on the web. It's a pleasure to be here every week and see all of the creative ideas that are shared.

As a reminder, please leave a comment with your link number, and please pin from the original
sources. Thank you!

Here are my features from last week's party:

Aren't these organza flowers pretty?  Julie, from Sum of  Their Stories shows us how to make them.

Some Fall Favorites for Baking, Decor, Crafts, and Style

I'm feeling a bit more positive about these chilly October days!   (I've even watched a few Christmas movies in the past week or two, but I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself!)

Today, in the spirit of festive fall thoughts,  I'm sharing some of my fall favorites -- favorites for fall baking, decor, crafts, and style.  Some of these are on my wish list and some I already have.  They would make great hostess or holiday gifts too.

Fall Favorites

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you purchase through them, with no additional cost to you. Thank you!

When I first started looking at autumn treats pans, the first one I had on my list was this absolutely beautiful bronze Nordic Ware pumpkin patch loaf pan.  Perfect for my pumpkin bread.

Beachy Fall, Tasty Food, and TFT#411

This week has flown by, and I'm so glad to be welcoming you to another Thursday Favorite Things link party!  I'm really glad you're here.

My husband and I celebrated our 31st weddiing anniversary this week.  My husband is my best friend, who puts up with my quirky self, and I still can't believe so much time has passed (and that we are so old!  Ha!)  We had to postpone our anniversary beach trip, but only until May. We had lovely Italian food today on The Hill in St. Louis (a wonderful Italian-American neighborhood with the most amazing restaurants.)  Chilly and gray outside, but warm and cozy inside the restaurant, with our Chicken Pesto and Lasagna.

As a reminder, please remember to leave a comment with your link number. (I often choose my features from the comments.)  All 7 of the hostesses choose their own features, so you have 7 chances to be featured. Also, please pin from the original sources. Thanks!

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