Bathroom Redo Progress

Happy Friday everyone! 

Well, the "simple" bathroom re-do we began a week ago is about 3/4 finished.  My family of four has survived with one bathroom during this time. It's funny how having just one bathroom has felt like such a major inconvenience. While I was growing up, we had one bathroom for our family of five until I was twelve years old, and we seemed to make it o.k. (Most of the time now I am wishing we had three bathrooms. It's so easy to become spoiled.)  Digressing again...

So, a good re-do would have a before picture, wouldn't it? Oops. None here, so I'll describe the before-- It was beach inspired with ivory walls (in reality, a pale green we had left over from the living room... see the picture), aqua, blue, and teal shower curtain,  light vinyl floor, a simple oak vanity (that we had bought years ago when we were "getting the house ready to sell."  We have "gotten the house ready to sell" several times, and then stayed), deep blue-green and pale green towels. Very simple. Pretty, but a little ho-hum. So now, I'm going for a little more flair.

Here's the new ceramic tile. We went with a neutral ceramic tile from Mohawk in White Linen. (Makes the old greenish wall color look even worse than it did.)

The project has taken a departure from my original vision for the re-do, but that's not unusual for me. In fact, I don't think any of our redecorating around here has gone as originally planned.  Does that happen to you?  That's o.k., though.  The original plan for this bathroom was for a relaxing "spa" like feel, with soft aqua walls.  After multiple trips to the paint store, and half a day with the paint chips all over the freshly tiled bathroom floor,  did I end up with a soft aqua paint?  No, of course not.  Instead, we chose a color from Benjamin Moore called Fairway Oaks, and it's actually a soft brown. Like light chocolate milk.  And I LOVE it.  So, there you go.  Things don't often go according to plan around here, and we are used to it. 

Here's the cute little vanity I picked out. (Remember, our bathroom is small, so this little cutie fit my vision.  (It makes a nice little end table here in the living room, don't you think?  Kidding.) The knob is actually on the inside of the cabinet at this point.

And here it is, with the vessel sink and faucet, that were just installed this morning!  The sink is called "broken," and, hopefully, it won't show as much mess as a clear one.  The faucet is bamboo inspired, and I like the natural feel of it. 

We're almost finished (thank goodness.)  I'll show you the finished room soon.  Just wanted to let you all know what's had me a bit busy here the last week or so.

  • When you are picking grout colors for ceramic tile, you may need to choose a color a shade or so darker than you want it to be. Some grout colors can tend to dry a little light. Plus, the colors on the chip brochure are sometimes misrepresented. Look at the sample on the bag of grout itself. (And then there's something called efflorescence, which happens when there's too much moisture in the grout, but that's a story for another day. You can google it, if you're curious...)
  • Expect some changes in the plan, and stay flexible
  • Try not to begin the project late in the week (so that you don't lose the bathroom over the weekend!)
  • Have back up choices. (We chose a vessel sink that was a little too small, so we had to choose another one. It was only available online, so it set us back a few days.)
  • Be grateful for a flexible contractor!

Stay tuned!

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  1. I will be so curious about how that vanity sink holds up to a bunch of a kids. I've always admired them but they freak me as too fragile. We only have 1.5 bathrooms so I don't even know how we will ever redo our full bathroom! The Y? LOL.

  2. Laura, I see your point! But our kids are 18 and 21, so hopefully it will hold up well. Truthfully, though, it seems very sturdy and not fragile at all. The sink is very thick, tempered glass. Hmm, you might have to do sponge baths for a few days! (But the Y would work too!)

  3. I love the sink you've chosen! I've always been afraid of the constant cleaning a bowl sink may entail... but the crackled look would certainly help that out. Looking forward to the reveal! Thanks much for your visit to my blog and kind comments! Love the kitty pic in your banner! :)

  4. Thanks Tracy--I'm hoping the same thing about that sink! I appreciate the sweet comment about the banner pic of our Lucy kitty.

  5. I love the sink you picked out! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the anniversary wishes. Following you now.

  6. I appreciate that Kimberly! We've been using it a few days now, and it's actually staying pretty clean! Thanks for the follow!

  7. Following from Mom's Monday Mingle!


    Please stop by & say Hello, if you haven't already. (And follow)


    1. Thank you Kristina. Heading over to visit.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful bathroom makeover on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love the sink! New Follower.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jody. Very glad to be a part of Simple and Sweet Fridays.

  9. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I have a sink very similar to that and LOVE it. Enjoy your new room!

    1. Thanks Dawn. We are enjoying it so much! (and it isn't even completely finished!)

  10. Mr. B has decided that next year we will tackle all 3 of our bathrooms. Not all at the same time thank goodness! There's just the two of us so we should weather it okay :-) Thanks for sharing at the party this week!

    1. After this bathroom remodel, I'm not anxious to tear up our other one! (But I'd love to have that one redone too.) Good luck with them, and enjoy picking out colors, sinks, etc. I did enjoy that.

  11. found u thru the naptime review moms monday mingle and follow thru GFC now!


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