Stamping on Salt Dough

As my kids grew older, I thought our days of playing with salt dough were over.  SO not true! I was surprised (and delighted) to find that salt dough could be a little more sophisticated. Maybe I'm completely oblivious (well, sometimes I actually am), but I had no idea that rubber stamps could be used with salt dough.  The finished items can be used as embellishments for other crafts, journals, etc, or as ornaments.

My daughter and I had fun a few nights ago, stamping on salt dough. Want to try it?

For the dough, you will need:

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup water
parchment paper or wax paper

I'm pretty sure you all have those items, right? (Well, if you're gluten free, you might have to go get some flour. I did.)  

  • Combine the salt, flour, and water, and knead for a bit. If the dough is too sticky, you can add a little more flour.
  • Next, find a few rubber stamps that are not too detailed.  (Too much fine detail won't imprint as well.)

  • Roll your dough out on the parchment paper (experiment with different thicknesses) and press your rubber stamp into it.  Trim around the edges with a knife. If you want to use them as ornaments, use a straw to poke a hole at the top.
Stamping on Salt Dough at
Stamping on Salt

Stamping on Salt Dough at

Stamping on Salt Dough at

  • Bake at 200 degrees for a couple of hours or so, OR allow to air dry for a few days. (If you bake them, keep an eye on them. They may crack or warp if they bake too long.)
  • They're now ready to paint. Be sure and use a thin, fine paintbrush. (My daughter used acrylic paints. Didn't hers turn out cute?  She's planning to maybe use them for altered composition book embellishments. I haven't painted mine yet!)  

  • You can seal them with Mod Podge or a spray acrylic sealer.
For Christmas ornaments, try cutting out circles with a glass (or any shape cookie cutter), and stamp a design.  They would make cute gift tags too. Start now, and you'll be way ahead. (I should listen to my own advice!)

Give it a try. It's fun!

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  1. Love the finished products! What a fun idea!

  2. Those are so cute! Great idea! :)

  3. My daughter would love this. Thanks for the idea.

  4. That sure is fun! Love the finished products.

  5. What a neat craft!!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You're so right about great minds think alike. Not only did we both do a salt dough project, but I was considering using my rubber stamps for a future one. LOL! Loved what you did here, and have enjoyed visiting your blog.

  7. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Oh my gosh - what a brilliant idea! I love stamping but have never thought of this. I'm going to think this over for my yearly Christmas ornament :)

  8. Anonymous9:15 AM

    How cute! Pinning this to try with my daughters very soon.

  9. Love it, great Christmas ornament project. I'm pinning this - my first pin to new board Christmas 2012. Thanks Pam. ~ Abby

  10. Thank you for the salt dough recipe. I'm not gluten free but my daughter is. This looks like fun, stamping on dough. Cool Thanks, Linda

  11. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower by the way :)


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