Plastic Swords and an Egg Incubator

This week, I was grateful for some time to browse an antique mall with my daughter.  Emotions can be strong there, and I always enjoy the fun dejavu moments when I run across an old book or toy that I used to have and have long since forgotten. Once I found an etched glass luncheon set, identical to the one that my mom used to serve tomatoes overflowing with tuna when I was a little girl. (The memory was too sweet; I had to buy the set.)

And there are always delightful surprises, like this display of jars full of quirky, random things.  A jar of plastic swords anyone?  Or some old dice or dominoes, buttons, poker chips,  or maybe some corn-cob holders?  Perhaps you'd like some old... pasta?

Warning-These are all phone pics (from an old, not so smart phone.)


The tags were even labeled with the contents, like "old jar with plastic swords," etc. (!)

When I saw this old chest, the paper-artist in me thought, "Look at the great paper drawers!"  (Art supply stores sell flat drawers like this for big sheets of artist paper.)  I was surprised to read "egg incubator from the late 1800's" on the tag.  The bottoms of the drawers are screens.  Why have I never heard of an egg incubator?

I'm always hoping to run across an old gumball machine on a stand. Or the perfect pinball machine.

The quest continues.

Do you visit antique malls?  What has been your favorite find?


  1. It's like a trip into the past, isn't it? I enjoy visiting these sweet shops every once in a while...

  2. I don't antique often but my mom is an artist/art teacher and she loves paper drawers like that! I have seen them my whole life. And I want a jar of swords! I live in New England where there's some amazing antiquing. My husband and I haven't done it in ages but we used to do it more often.

  3. Antique mall? That sounds awesome!

  4. I used to get to antique malls before the kids, but I haven't been in so long. It's always fascinating. I've never heard of an egg incubator either! I love that moment when you find something that's so familiar whisks you back to your childhood. I need to pick this back up now that my kids are older! --Lisa

  5. Oh, I think a jar of plastic swords is just what I need! How fun! :-)

  6. What an interesting piece. I'm with you about not knowing. I do like to take a trip through antique stores. It's the books that draws me. I could spend hours with them.

  7. A fun alternative to the mall. "New" doesn't have to be better.


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