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Hi there!  With summer flying by, I'm in the middle of a lot of things and enjoying some little treats. Like the saltwater taffy I got on the little getaway I took with my husband a couple of weeks ago.  Lots of it. From a little place in Southwest Missouri, right off the highway, called The Candy Factory. The Bubble Gum flavor is good, the Frosted Cupcake is even better, and the Apple Pie flavor is amazing. Maple Bacon-no. There are many, many more. (Can you tell how much I love the taffy? Enough to walk around with my phone and take pictures of it...)

But I'm digressing again. I've been thinking a lot about changing things up at my blog lately. So I've been thinking about the blogs I love and why I love them.

There are some blogs that have that "something" that could be described as heart, substance,or soul.

There are some that contain so much useful information in an entertaining way.

And there are some that inspire me to create.

Here are 5 fun blogs to visit:

If you are a fan of bloggers who write from the heart and are incredibly creative and talented in both writing and photography, don't miss Tamara Camera. I often get teary and then laugh hysterically in the same post.

You will find an art teacher turned blogger who creates beautiful things at Grow Creative. Great tutorials, and you can buy her artwork too.

I learn so much about blog design and blog fixes at Carrie Loves.  It's my go to place for techie tips. Don't miss it if you need some blog design help.

Katherine's Corner is a really friendly place, and I pick up so many tips about so many things. I was a co-host for one of her link parties a few years ago, and she's as nice as can be.

If you love crafts and want some inspiration, visit Gluesticks Brandy has a lot of projects, recipes, and some free printables.  Parents, even if you don't adore crafts, check out the Kids Crafts section for some fun things to make with your kids.

Those are just a few of my favorite blogs. I'd love for you to share some of yours.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


I didn't try the Chicken & Waffles taffy but kind of wish I had...
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  1. Yes I should read these blogs! Thanks for sharing those and for sharing my blog with your readers! So nice :)

  2. Have you ever had Jersey shore saltwater taffy? I think it's famous for it. I grew up on the stuff. It was always SUCH a summer treat.
    Also and mainly, thank you so much for featuring me. It means a lot. I've been wondering lately what direction I'm taking so it's nice to still feel like I've got something to offer.

  3. don't like taffy ....but I love these colorful photos!


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