Treasure Hunt Notes ~ A Reading Game

A Reading Game for Reading Practice

I really enjoyed spending time at home with my kids (well, I usually enjoyed it!) when they were little.

We were often in the living room, singing and dancing to a Spanish cassette tape (cassette tapes, whaaat?),  playing memory games, or writing little stories to make into books created from the wallpaper sample books we'd collect. There was a little paint store, not far from our house, that always had a bunch of old wallpaper sample books to give away.  It was one of my daughter's favorite places, and the wallpaper samples were wonderful, pretty free paper.

My inner child and my inner teacher thrived.

Many of the activities we did involved letters, books, and reading. (I'm a reading tutor!)

One of the fun, simple things we did as my kids were learning to read was a treasure hunt inside the house. The treasure hunt required reading multiple simple clues that eventually led to a prize.

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Here's how it works:

  • Wrap a little package with some treats, a small dollar store toy, etc.  Hide it somewhere within the house.

  • Now, write clues on small pieces of paper.  ("Look under the bed."  or "Look in a cabinet." Write longer clues for kids whose reading skills are stronger.)

  • Make the hunt as short or as long as you like. Each clue should direct your child to the next clue, and the next one, and so on.  The final clue will reveal the "treasure's" hiding place.

Hand your child the first clue to read, and then watch the fun!

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  1. Preschool teachers are amazing!
    My mom does treasure hunts just like this for my kids. It's their "thing" when we visit her or when she comes up here. Pure magic.

    1. Hi Tamara! That's so great that your mom does that with your kids! I agree, magic!


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