Amazon Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Owners

Have you gotten your gifts for your fur babies yet?  I love, love love gift guides, and I hope you do too.  I've been enjoying the ones I've been seeing, so I thought our pets and pet owners would enjoy some fun, funny, and useful gifts too.  My gift guide is for them!

Our Sunny is 14 years old and in kidney failure, so she is getting even more pampering than usual.  (We've always used the fact that she had a rough first 4 years in a puppy mill as an excuse to dote on her, but really, do we need an excuse?)

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Christmas Gifts for Pets and Pet Owners

1.   The light-up hoodie caught my eye, because well, it  lights up!  It looks really comfy too. Some reviewers said it runs small, so take that into consideration. (Update: It seems to only be available in XL right now. I'm hoping for an XS.)

2.  I know several people who would love these super cute cat socks. (And some of them are grown women, not middle schoolers!)

3.  How about something for your special kitty?  They say this cat grass growing kit is a natural hairball control and digestive aid. What do you think?  It comes in white too.

4.  I love this pillow!  When we first got Sunny, I would only let her on the smaller, older sofa, and only if there was a blanket there. Then, she was allowed on the sofa without the blanket. Then, she was allowed on the bigger, newer sofa with a blanket, and so on.... We do embrace the dog hair now, though!

5.  A pillow case set for the dog mama and dad. (There is also one for cats!)  Don't the fur babies derserve their own pillow case?


6.  What a beautiful  crossbody tote this is.  I love Laurel Burch, and this is really pretty, even if you don't have a cat. :)

7.  This wine glass makes me smile because our Sunny was a rescue.  I think her foster mom would love this as much as I do.

8.  Make your own homemade dog treats with this cute cookie cutter set.  Recipe book included.

9.  Do you love to doodle?  Do you love cats?  Then you need this book!

10.  This is the cutest cat toy. The video showing the cat playing with it is adorable, too.  I still miss our Lucy kitty so much.

What other ideas do you have for the pet or pet owner in your life?

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