Crafts and Activities for Kids (and You!) During Quarantine

So, how are you all holding up during these days of COVID-19 and quarantine? Strange days for all of us!

This week, I've been thinking about all of those who are home with kids and are responsible for their schooling.  As a former homeschool mom, I think about what an abrupt challenge that must be.

(My two cents on that is, unless there are strict requirements that your school is having your kids follow, let them read as much as they want, let them watch science shows on t.v., let them bake with you, and most of all, make this time a memory that isn't all scary and terrible for them.)  These few weeks without school will absolutely not affect their academic future, I guarantee you!

I have rounded up some crafts and activities from my blog that might be helpful for you, if you are trying to find ways to keep kids busy and creative.  Most of these require things that you may already have around the house. (My way of saying, stay home.  Don't go out and buy stuff for these!)

Make Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream

Brush Lettering with Crayola Markers

A Handmade Photo Book or Journal

Treasure Hunt Notes - A Reading Game

Make Envelopes with Scrapbook Paper (or Magazines or Calendars)

Easy Puppet Theater for Kids


  1. I love the idea of making envelopes out of magazine pages! I don't get any magazines anymore, but I do use a calendar. Also, the marbling looks really neat!


    1. Thanks, Alexandra! Yes, calendars make such pretty envelopes. I had some with roses that were so gorgeous.

  2. Fun ideas and nothing expensive either - brilliant.


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