Creative Snail Mail ~ Books and Supplies for Creating Fun Mail

Most people like getting snail mail, don't you think?   I know it's not very common these days, but what is still common is the joy most people get from mail created especially for them.  Who doesn't love to find a handwritten note or card among the bills and junk mail?

Ways to send creative snail mail

Of course, that mail doesn't have to be decorated or fancy -- a simple handwritten note is a joy in itself to receive.  But, pretty, artistic mail ups the fun quotient.  And, sending pretty or fun mail is for everyone, not just kids.

Now that we are all at home a lot more, it's a good time to send a little mail joy, and it's a great quarantine activity.  It's also a way to show appreciation to essential workers and love to relatives and friends.

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There are so many ways to make sending snail mail fun, for both kids and adults. Sealing wax, rubber stamps, embossing, handmade cards, creative lettering, glitter pens, beautiful postage stamps, all make the recipient feel special.

Here are some ideas to get you started!


If you like paper art and creating handmade stationery and cards, this book has some beautiful projects. It's a lovely book with tutorials for creative ways to keep in touch.  The projects focus on creating a lovely presentation. Geared more toward adults and young adults, but there are still projects for children, too.  It's been one of my favorites.

This next book is one that has a much younger vibe and would be great for kids, but I think it's fun too!  I don't have this one in my own collection, but it struck me as a fun one to have during quarantine, especially if you're home with kids. It would be a great way to get kids enthused about sending fun mail.

This book, Good Mail Day, is for those who love artistic expression using collage, postcards, rubber stamps, and other recycled elements to create mail art. (There is a whole community focused on this kind of art, and it's fascinating.)

Handmade Envelopes

A fun way to send mail is in a handmade envelope. They're easy to make.  There are so many different kinds of paper that can be used for this, including scrapbook designs that you print yourself.  See a tutorial here.

Make envelopes out of scrapbook paper, magazines, or calendar pages


Dress up your plain stationery or envelopes with stickers. Even at my age, I still love stickers, both for my journals and memory books and for my mail. Even a plain piece of paper or envelope look more fun with stickers.

Washi Tape

Or use some washi tape.  I like this pretty beachy one, probably because I'm longing for the beach.

And, this is one of my favorites, and is over 4 inches wide!

There are so many ways to use washi tape on envelopes and stationery.  Frame the address with some narrow washi tape. Put strips across the back flap.  Use the wide washi as a backdrop for an address label.  Use stencils or punches, and back the cutout portion with washi. Get creative and just have fun with different patterns and styles.

Rubber Stamps

Using rubber stamps is an easy and fun way to decorate stationery and envelopes.
If you know me, you know I'm drawn to florals and botanicals. (I'm sure you've noticed by now!)

Wax Sealing Stamps

Sealing letters with wax sealing stamps has always been another of my favorite ways to decorate mail, (even back in the day, when I was sealing penpal letters.)

Fun Pens

Write your letters and cards with fun pens of different colors and textures. Some of my favorite pens are Pentel gel pens, Inkjoy gel pens, and Pentel brush pens.. These Pentel Sparkle Pop gel pens are especially fun, if you like some glitter. And, of course, fountain pens!

It's the perfect time to revive the practice of sending real mail, and I hope I've given you some ideas and inspired you to create some fun real mail to brighten someone's day.

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  1. Great post! Found you through Wonderful Wednesday. I love sending snail mail. It’s a fun time to practice my calligraphy on the envelope and I typically include bookmarks and black and white coloring cards with Bible verses and floral art for the recipient to color to de-stress. I’ve been sending an individually packed tea in my recent letters of encouragement to my friends who are essential workers, but an extra stamp is needed for that

    1. Thanks, Elena! I love that you send so much creative, thoughtful snail mail! I know the recipients are so happy to get your lovely mail.

  2. Snail mail has always been one of my favorite ways to connect with people - I used to write bi-monthly letters to several people years ago, but sadly, it's become a thing of the past. I would like to get back into it a little more now with my nieces and nephews though - they're old enough now that it can be fun. Love the idea of handmade envelopes - that's fun!


    1. That would be a wonderful practice to start with your nieces and nephews, Alexandra! I bet they would love it so much.

  3. Receiving mail that has a personal touch is so nice. My friend uses her photography to make photo cards so it's always nice to receive mail from her. I love your idea of making your own envelopes!

    1. I love the photo card idea, Allyson! I even have a blogpost from a while back about that very thing. Yes, making envelopes is so fun, and they really make an entrance!

  4. Now retired, I enjoy making holiday cards for grands (mine, his, and steps!), elderly friends, and relatives. I use a combo of scrapbbooking paper and stickers, cardboard and mail packaging, ribbons, lace, buttons, stick on jewels, etc. My SO's 89 yo mother who has dementia especially enjoys the cards--must get going on my Mother's Day cards!

    1. That's so wonderful, Kathy! You bring so much happiness to others by doing that.

  5. My snail mail has boiled down to birthday cards for immediate family and the closest of friends not in my own home. - Margy

    1. I'm sure the recipients love getting them, Margy!

  6. It's been so long since I've sent or receive fun creative snail mail in my postal box.
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Hope you're having an amazing week, Pam, and hope that letting you know that you're our Friend of the Week at Create With Joy just brightened your weekend as well! xoxo :-)

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Ramona!! You absolutely brightened my weekend!! xoxo 💖

  7. The sending of snail mail is a lost art. My daughter and my mother in law write each other a lot. It is super cute when she gets letters. I will show her some of these ways to jazz up her mail. #trafficjamweekend

    1. I agree, Tracy. Thanks so much!

  8. It is nice to get something in the mail, no matter how old you are. These are some fun and creative ideas. Thanks for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty

    1. I agree, Donna! Thanks for commenting.

  9. Great ideas here! It's sad that snail mail has become a lost tradition. I've been penpals with a handful of ladies from all over the world for thirty years. Opening my mailbox to find a handwritten letter from them is like Christmas morning. I stop everything, grab a coffee, and savour every word. But thanks to these ideas, it's time to up my snail mail game with a creative presentation rather than regular ole stationary.

    1. Wow, Marie, that's incredible that you've kept in touch with those ladies! I loved having penpals, and I've recently re-connected with one from my childhood. So fun! (Sorry for the late reply!)

  10. Thank you so much for sharing at SeniorSalon – Now pinned and RT


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